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Realsan Network

The project intends to use decentralised cooperation to strengthen the possibilities of joint work between Europe and Central America on Food and Nutrition Security as the right of every individual to have access to a healthy nutritious diet. The key tool is the constitution of a network, called REALSAN, which intends to put the Local Authorities in direct contact with the civil society, businesses, the world of education and citizens.

In this project, local authorities, as the link between local problems and the possibility of interaction with national and regional governmental bodies, play a fundamental role in pro FNS activity.

Guaranteeing Food Security means intervening in sustainable management of natural resources, in access to fair production and distribution systems, in safeguarding the environment and promotion of organic agriculture as tools to prevent damage caused by climate change.

A significant experience in this direction is the PRESENCA Programme, financed by the European Union, which has worked through Central American Local Authorities to create a large number of good practices of awareness raising, capacity building and pro FNS programming. Following the PRESANCA example and the results so far achieved in Europe, involvement of 24 local authorities in Italy, 24 in Spain and 24 in Central America, already part of the PRESANCA programme, will lead to setting up of the REALSAN pilot network, based on a shared Work Agenda (Charter of intentions) for global food security, to be achieved through coherent policies and effective practices of sustainable development and international cooperation.

The Network section shows the network of relationships between the local authorities that have joined the project.

The Tools section provides publications, videos and the game for spreading and helping understanding of the issues of food and nutrition sovereignty.